Over the years the aTech Media website went through a whole range of different designs. I've gathered a few of them together here. These are all things that I have designed and then subsequently turned into HTML. There are a couple of other designs thrown in for other brands that we had over the years like aTech Labs and aTech Host.

There were lots of designs in the early days when we didn't have so much other stuff to be working on. Things settle down a bit - we had the same website from 2015 until it was shut down when it merged with Krystal.

One of the first from 2004
Another from 2004 - not nice - that pastel yellow!
Some sort of stretched lighthouse from 2005
aTech Host wasn't really much of a success - although it probably could have been
I seem to have lost the homepage design for this from 2006. 
A misguided attempt to to just have a blog on the hompepage?
We actually made business cards & letterheads with grass along the bottom but this site seems to have only lasted for a few months!
Had to keep the grass because it was on literally all our printed stuff!
aTech Labs was going to be a little Rails development off-shoot. It got lots of enquiries and was one of the first in the UK and regularly ranked top for "UK Ruby Development".
More grass and I still rather like these boxes!
Looks like we managed to keep that previous design for about 2 years before this came about in 2011. You can see a few of the products we had here!
At the time I designed this, I remember thinking this was one of the best things I'd ever made but in hindsight I think I was very wrong about that. Very average!
The website that saw out our last 5 years in business. Not a bad one really. The products changed over that time but it was basically the same throughout with that large penguin at the top.