Replacing our heating controls

In this post and video, I'm replacing all our underfloor heating controls with a smart system from Heatmiser.

Replacing our heating controls

Since we moved house at the beginning of the year we've been using some rather old fashioned heating controls - analog room thermostats and impossible to program time clocks. I'm not sure why I took me so long but I finally got around to replacing the whole lot with something a bit smarter which I can manage from Home Assistant.

There are lots of options out there for smart heating controls with things like Nest, Tado & Hive being very popoular. Sadly, these systems aren't really designed with underfloor heating in mind and are quite expensive. In addition to these rather more mainstream smart brands, many legacy heating control providers have also entered the market with their own solutions - including Uponor's Smatrix, Drayton's Wiser, Honeywell's evohome and Heatmisers evo range.

I decided on Heatmiser because they had some of the better documentation, the products were readily available, they were affordable and they had API documentation that was readily available when I asked.

I documented the whole installation process in this video which you may (or may not) find worth a quick watch. I know it's a bit of a long one but you can always skip through if you're short on time.