Levelling up my coding videos

I'm embarking on a small project to level up my skills and start making some code tutorial videos and some coding live streams. You can follow along, if you'd like.

Levelling up my coding videos

I'm about to embark on a small hobby project to level up my skills and start producing some good code tutorials, walkthroughs and live streams. I've been making videos like this for years in a rather ad-hoc manner and I'm keen to improve things and start making some nicer quality content.

Being honest though, I have no idea what the eventual output will be. I'm hoping for an improvement but only time will tell. My plan is to be able to live stream and produce some video content when I'm working on open source projects like Postal, Staytus and Apia.

Here's a link to a few videos I've made over the last few years. Let's hope I can improve!

During this series of posts, I'm going to be looking at researching and buying a new camera, recording good quality audio, setting up appropriate lighting, screen recording, editing and publishing.

Stay tuned!