This page just lists all the projects which I have been working on in reverse chronological order (latest at the top). Not all these projects are still active but they are listed here for properity - where possible I have tried to include a link to screenshot or something about them.

aTech Media


Bits & Bobs

  • The Ruby Game design - a fun little project allowing Ruby developers to compete with the fastest & shorted code for given challenges.

  • Noti design & OS X app - a desktop notification service. I wrote the backend/API along with the OS X application - my first objective-C app!

  • - a little documentation service for ensuring your public-facing APIs are well documented.

Historical Work

  • Designing the new aTech Media offices - a projects which included choosing colours, wall positioning, furniture as well as creating a 3D video of the proposed layout.

  • Appli - a virtual server hosting service which provides a full-stack environment for developers. Included databases, firewalls and advanced network configuration.

  • RailsWork - a job board for Ruby on Rails positions. One of my first Rails applications.

  • Desklamp - a CRM solution for web designers & developers.

  • Parchment - a content management solution which could easily be integrated into a Rails 2 application.

  • emate - a content management solution written in Rails 2.

  • SMI (school management interface) - a management system for schools to manage reports & assessments along with timetables, and other important functions.